Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Call me Crazy..


Our Blog has moved!  

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My husband thinks I am nuts, just so you know.  I told him that I wanted to start blogging for Embroitique, and he kind of looked at me sideways.  Well, not kind of - it was a complete head tilt with a side of raised eyebrow.  As if I don't have enough to do.   I just figured it would be fun, and what is one more thing to add to the list?

Plus, I just know I am going to love it - once I figure it all out.  I still haven't a clue on how to invite people to the blog.  Perhaps I will send out a newsletter...those are always fun!

Right now I am just babbling to myself - but one of these days someone will be reading it.  I can't wait!

Now I am going to post something business related...I promise!


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  1. Love your site. Use the embroidery fonts all the time and many of the designs. The new designs are wonderful!