Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In the Hoop New Super Hero Sets are Now Available!


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Pow! Bang! Zowie!

Our newest In the Hoop Project is ready for all your little Super Heros!

We are so excited to introduce this latest design. Summer is here, and moms are always looking for new ways to get their kiddos to use their imagination and play.

Bad Guys BEWARE! Children of all ages will LOVE their new Super Hero costumes and be fighting crime in no time.

We have included full color PDF instructions to walk you through every step of all of the pieces to this set.

Both design packs include a printable cape pattern and tutorial as well as an Applique Monogram set.

Indroductory Pricing is valid through 6.21.10.

We hope you love these sets as much as we do!

Happy Stitching!

Jacki & DeLynne

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  1. Sooooooo cute guys. This is on my list of to-do's for next week!