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HOW TO: A step by step guide on Raw Edge Applique using your Embroidery Machine ~


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This is a step by step tutorial on how to do Raw Edge Applique.  We love to use decorative stitches instead of the usual satin stitch on a lot of our designs. This tutorial will show you how to pre treat your fabric  and give you, our opinion of, the best way to enhance your raw edge design.

 Step 1:  pre-treat your fabric using a sew-able iron on adhesive.
We like Therm O Web's, "Heat n Bond LITE" 

Place your fabric, pattern side up, onto the rough side of the iron on adhesive.
Using a warm iron, adhere the adhesive to your fabric.

Step 2:  Hoop your stabilizer and item that you are going to applique

Step 3:  Place your hoop in your machine and stitch out the placement stitch of your design.  (some digitizers do not offer a placement stitch so if your design does not have a placement stitch you would skip this step)

Step 4:  Peel the paper backing from the back of your fabric.

Step 5:  Place the treated fabric over the stitch area. Make sure there is at least a 1/2 inch minimum overlap on all sides before stitching.  Then stitch out the decorative stitching. (this example has a triple stitch instead of the usual satin stitch finish)

Step 6:  Using a sharp pair of embroidery scissors, trim around the edge of your applique.

If the design allows, leave a 1/4" edge to enhance the decorative stitching. Leaving this edge also makes your raw edge applique more secure and helps prevent fraying.

If your design has more than one layer repeat the steps again to achieve the same effect.

Don't forget to pre-treat your fabric for every layer of raw edge applique.

Once your entire design is finished you can run a warm iron over the entire design to adhere it to your item if desired.

Most of our Shabby Sweet Collection has a raw edge as do several of our newest applique Christmas phrases.

What a fun way to applique!!  

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