Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Holiday - Winter Designs


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Hi, Everyone!  I hope that everyone is enjoying their week!  I have a few new designs that I wanted to send out.  Intro pricing valid through midnight
(EST) December 4, 2012.

~please note that the final discount (total of 50%) will not show until you add  the design to your cart~

For future reference, all of the designs that are 'featured' on our home page will be 50% off when you add them to your cart.

To make sure you have seen all the recently added designs....you can always click on the "new tab" on our main site or follow us on Facebook...that is the first place we announce new designs!

Okay - now its time for the fun stuff!  The best part about most of these designs is they have a lower stitch count with super high impact!

I had a request for this one and thought it would be (obviously) great for the upcoming holidays.... but also would be fun on Birthdays too!



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