Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Easy Mac Will Never Boil Over Again!!!


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I'm not proud of it but my 7 year old is a Carb-O-Vore.  It's terrible.  She actually calls herself a vegetarian however, getting her to eat a vegetable is worse than pouring salt into a wound and there is absolutely no way on earth she would ever put any form of meat into her mouth.  That being said, there are some nights that I simply can not cater to the craziness. Those nights call for something quick and it's usually Easy Mac (don't even judge me...or do...whatever) 
I actually hate easy mac. I hate it for many reasons but, one of my top reasons is because whoever designed it had clearly never actually cooked it and/or doesn't have to clean the microwave at their house because it never fails that the tiny little 5oz. pot of easy mac somehow boils 10 gallons of sticky, starchy, sludge all over the inside of the microwave as it cooks.  Soooooo annoying!!!  Those of you who do not believe in modern day revelation, I hate to burst your bubble because, today I had a revelation.   Have you ever seen the trick where you put a wooden spoon on top of your pot to keep it from boiling over onto the stove top? WELL...I thought to myself, "I bet that would work in the microwave".  I don't own a wooden spoon, nor do I think they make one small enough to balance on top of my easy mac so I grabbed a skewer and broke it in half.  (I bet a Popsicle stick or craft stick would work too).  Sure enough, it worked like a champ!  Absolutely no slimy sludge spilled over into my microwave. In fact, I made 6 packages (don't ask) and it worked every time.  Yay, for being a genius!  lol

Happy Sunday Everyone!



  1. OH my!! I have this same problem and HATE cooking Easy Mac. The other day, I actually cooked in the (3) one minute intervals just to avoid the boil over. (The things we do for our kids!) So thanks for this trick--and the one about the wooden spoon/pot. Awesome!

  2. I can't claim the wooden spoon and the pot but...the easy mac is all mine. hahaha. You are so welcome. :)

  3. No judging here, thanks for the tip, can't wait to try it. I'm cleaning my microwave as I read this!