Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Ruffled Boot Socks


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For years I've been drooling over these Ariat boots.  Seriously loved them but, knew I could never spend $400 on Boots.  I mean who honestly can justify that??!! Then the boots showed up on Rulala for an amazing deal.  If you have never heard of Rulala, don't even google it or you will be joining Jacki and I in weekly groundings and timeouts for refusing to have any self control whatsoever.  Anyway, I was ecstatic when Jacki had the most fabulous idea ever...A Flash sale for boots!!  (Many thanks to all of our valued customers who indulged in our flash sale and made our life long dreams come true.  lol)  The flash sale was a success and the boots were ordered.
It seemed like it took years for my boots to ship to me.  Everyday I would dream of them and think of all the outfits I would wear them with.  Well, one night while I was dreaming of my boots, I was perusing the internet and I came across these adorable ruffled boot socks.  They were so cute and SO $30!!!  Thirty dollars for socks??  I don't think so.  I quickly closed the browser window but, for days I could not get those stinkin' socks out of my mind! Being the person that I am and refusing to spend $30 on a single pair of socks, I decided to make them. Here's how easy it was.

Pick a pair of knee high socks.  I bought this pair on clearance at Target today for $3.49
Cut a piece of lace.  I cut mine about 2 1/2 feet long.

Take your lace and fold one end under.

Pin it to the top of your sock about 2 inches down as pictured.
Leave the tail long and do not cut it.

 Make sure you pin it to only the top layer on the outside of the sock.
Now it's time to sew.

For most people this project should take about 5 minutes. That is if, in the middle of it, you don't have to stop to strip the baby down and scrub the carpet because she barfed, get a kid off the potty, get another kid a drink, get everyone a snack then walk around in circles, then try to sew and take pictures while holding the baby...ya, it took me a little longer than it should have.

Using a zig zag stitch, sew your lace to your sock where you have pinned it. 

It should look like this once you've sewed it in place.

Now turn your sock inside out.

Slide your sock over the arm of your machine.
Make sure the attached lace is coming out the top of your sock.  

Take the lace and pull it down toward you.  Line the edge of the lace up with the top of the sock. Slightly over lap the lace just a hair.

With your right hand, hold the lace in place and stretch the top of the sock as far as you can.  With your left hand pull the sock from behind the presser foot as you sew. Sew your lace on using a zig zag stitch.  
**It is very important that you stretch the sock as you sew or you won't be able to put it on when you are done.

Once you have attached the lace all the way around, pull the tail down and secure the end by sewing over it a few times. Trim off the excess then turn your sock right side out and add a few buttons or a bow
 and you are finished!!

There you go, an absolutely adorable pair of ruffled boot socks!!
(that AREN'T $30)



  1. For years I've been drooling over these Ariat boots. Seriously loved them but, knew I could never spend $400 on Boots. I mean who honestly ...

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